How to: Disable Power Management and Sleep Features in Chrome OS

Chromebooks share the same power feature as any other laptop where closing the lid causes the unit goes to sleep. In some situations you may want to disable this (like if you have your Chromebook connected to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard and don’t need/want the second display).

Before you start you will need to put your Chromebook into developer mode which will reset your device back to factory defaults. If you are unsure how to boot into developer mode check Google first or leave a comment.

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + ___> to get to the Chrome OS shell (crosh)
  2. Type in the following command:
> sudo chromeos-firmwareupdate –mode=todev
  1. Your system will reboot. Once it is back up press CTRL + ALT + ___> again to get to crosh
  2. Login as root
  3. Type the following to change directories:
> cd /usr/share/vboot/bin/
  1. Type and run the following command:
> sudo ./make\_dev\ –remove\_rootfs\_verification –partitions 2
  1. If prompted, reboot. Press CTRL + ATL + ___> to get back to crosh if you do.
  2. Mount the root partition read/write:
> mount -o rw,remount /
  1. Type and run the following command:
> echo 0 > /usr/share/power\_manager/use\_lid

NOTE:&nbsp;If you also wish to prevent your Chromebook from entering sleep mode you can use VIM to edit the &#8220;/usr/share/power_manager/<wbr />plugged\_suspend\_ms&#8221; file. Just set the number to a really high value, there doesn&#8217;t appear to be a way to disable it entirely.</li> 

  * Run the following commands:

    > restart powerd

    > restart powerm

  * You can check power management status by running &#8220;status powerd&#8221; and &#8220;status powerm&#8221; If everything looks good just restart and the Chromebook should stay powered on after closing the lid. If you run into issues feel free to leave a comment.</ol> 

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